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Zhiqiang Cheng, PhD

Zhiqiang Cheng, Ph.D.

Zhiqiang joined CTAHR as an Assistant Extension Specialist in May 2013, who has state-wide responsibility for turfgrass and landscape pest management. His extension and research efforts and interests include: 1) IPM for golf courses, athletic fields, lawns, and urban landscapes; 2) understanding ecological interactions among turfgrass/landscape plants, pests, soil, and other environmental factors; and 3) testing/selecting effective yet environmental-friendly pesticides/fertilizers/etc.

Contact Zhiqiang: cheng241@hawaii.edu

Joe DeFrank, PhD

Joe DeFrank, Ph.D.

Joe is an Extension Specialist at the University of Hawaii specializing in weed science. Joe was the administrator of the Magoon Agricultural Research and Instruction facility on campus and served as TPSS Graduate Faculty Chairman.  His research focuses on chemical and cultural techniques to control weeds in turf and ornamentals.  He is currently developing protocols for the establishment of native Hawaiian grasses and sedges as groundcovers on highway roadsides.

Contact Joe: defrenk@hawaii.edu

Norman M. Nagata

Norman M. Nagata, M.S.


Norman is a University of Hawaii extension agent serving the turfgrass and landscape industries in Maui County.  In his program, he conducts outreach educational and research programs on turfgrasses and landscape/ornamental plants.


Contact Norman: nagatan@ctahr.hawaii.edu

Ty McDonald

Ty McDonald

Ty is a University of Hawaii extension agent working with the landscape, ornamental and turfgrass industries in West Hawaii.  Ty serves as advisor to the Hawaii Island Landscape Association and assists with the Certified Landscape Technician certification program. He also coordinates the Master Gardener training program based at the Kona CES.

Contact Ty:  tym@hawaii.edu


AJ Lindsey

AJ started his TPSS M.S. Program in August 2016. Funded by a CTAHR grant awarded to Dr. Zhiqiang Cheng (Dr. Joe DeFrank is Co-PI of this project), AJ is co-advised by Dr. DeFrank and Dr. Cheng. He is working on the project to suppress Bermudagrass from Seashore paspalum, an important research need of Hawaii's turf/golf industry.

Contact AJ:  alexlind@hawaii.edu

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