Control of leaf and sheath spot (mini ring) of turfgrass in Hawaii
In collaboration with a golf course on Maui and with industry support, this applied research project was started in June 2015 to evaluate various fungicide programs against leaf and sheath spot (also commonly known as mini ring) in Hawaii's turfgrass system. Seven treatments and an untreated control with four replications each are included in this field research.

Pesticide application residue research underway (starting Feb. 2015)
In collaboration with Dr. Qingxiao Li (MBBE) and 2 golf courses, we are conducting a pesticide application residue research. Multiple patches are attached to the applicator when chemicals are sprayed, and these patches will be analyzed for chemical residues. We thank golf courses participating in this research.

Non-chemical "lights-out" turf renovation and weed/pest control
In collaboration with Dr. Joe DeFrank (TPSS), we started this 2-year non-chemical "lights-out" turf renovation and weed/pest control project at Magoon Turf Research Facility in October 2014. In addition to weed suppression, we are also studying effects of this turf renovation method on pest and beneficial insects, pathogens, and soil food webs in turf systems.

Upcoming and Recent Events 

Continuing. State-wide Turf Pest Management Survey. This state-wide survey targeting turf/green professionals in Hawaii intends to identify the updated turf pest managment challanges and educational needs. Survey results will provide valuable information for the Turfgrass Management Program at University of Hawaii at Manoa to establish working priorities in service of the turf/green industry in Hawaii.

Please visit the survey link at: State-wide Turf Pest Management Survey.

The survey should take less than 10 minutes, on average, to complete. Thank you for your information and time!

Register for Hawaii’s Premier Green Industry Education Conference (October 2015)!
Registration for the 2015 Landscape Industry Council of Hawaii (LICH) Conference and Trade Show is now open. Please visit for details.

October 2nd, 2015 - HGCSA Annual Educational Seminar.
Prince Hotel Waikiki. Contact Clarence Nakatsukasa, 808-623-8655,

May 15, 2015 - CPS Annual Seminar & Tradeshow.
15th CPS Annual Seminar & Tradeshow will be held on May 15, 2015 at Honolulu Country Club on Oahu. For more information and registration, please contact Rob Dunford at

A Special Thanks...
We would like to thank many groups for your support of and collaboration with the University of Hawaii Turfgrass Program. More »

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